Hong Kong, April 21, 2024 – In a landmark move that promises to enhance the travel experience for visitors to Hong Kong, Wonder, a leading fintech company based in Hong Kong, has joined forces with Heycars, a popular ride-hailing app from Mainland China. This collaboration is set to bring seamless digital payment solutions to the taxi industry in Hong Kong, making it easier than ever for travelers to hail and pay for taxis.

Wonder, which recently launched Hong Kong’s first taxi electronic payment service authorized by the HKSAR Transport Department on April 9, 2024, is now integrating its Taxi Pay service onto the Heycars platform. This groundbreaking partnership has catered to the needs of international travelers accustomed to cashless transactions.

For passengers, particularly those from Mainland China, the partnership helps mainland travelers hail taxis in their Alipay wallet and eliminates the stress of currency exchange and the need to carry cash. It offers a familiar, secure, and convenient payment method. This seamless experience ensures that travelers can navigate the city with ease, enjoying the same cashless convenience they experience at home.

This strategic partnership is significant as it bridges a crucial gap in the market, providing a familiar and hassle-free payment experience for non-local tourists in Hong Kong. The collaboration is expected to boost the convenience of urban mobility for visitors, while also driving forward the digital transformation of the local taxi industry.

"We are thrilled to partner with Heycars to bring our digital payment solutions to a wider audience," said Jason Ngan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wonder. "Our goal is to make transportation as easy and accessible as possible, and by combining our technology with Heycars, we are one step closer to achieving that vision."

The strategic partnership between Wonder and Heycars is poised to transform the taxi industry in Hong Kong, offering significant advantages not only to travelers but also to taxi drivers.

“This innovative initiative will also be welcomed by taxi drivers”, said Tony Cheung, Head of Taxi Ecosystem. The smart hailing platform will attract a broader customer base, including tech-savvy tourists who prefer non-cash payment methods. Drivers will be able to tap into the growing market of mobile payment users, increasing their chances of securing fares even in areas where street hails are less common.