Take full control of your business data
Transaction Management. Made Simple.
Get real-time insights on daily operations with Wonder. Review daily transactions and utilise our smart forecast function to strategise and plan ahead.
In-App Real-time Tracking

Monitor daily transactions in real time

Instant alerts and notifications

Detailed transaction records

Track down specific transactions

Real-time Overview of Fund

Projected Incoming Settlements

In-app Settlement Report

Detailed Transaction Record

Settlement Statement Report

Make data-driven business decision
with Merchant Services Statements

Well-organized transaction data will be sent through automated email and in-app records at the end of every day.

Comprehensive and smart statistical data analysis in the daily report helps you grow your business with data-driven business decision-making.

Each transaction record includes:

Transaction Amount
Transaction Date & Time
Payment Method
Order Number & Transaction ID
Transfer Status

Manage Effectively with Your Associates

Role and Permission

Flexible control through roles and permissions

Access of Wonder’s features determined by the associate’s roles within the Wonder business account.

Invite associates quickly and assign them the appropriate permission.

Granting permissions to view and manage various features is flexible.

Permission includes:

Ability to Access
Ability to Create
Ability to Edit
Ability to Archive
Advance Setting to allow Refund/ Void
Advance Setting to allow Business Admin Settings

Onboard under 7 minutes!

Account Approval Under 7 minutes

After entering your business information, your account will be approved through an auto underscoring process within 7 minutes.

Start Collecting Payments

Start accepting payment via Virtual Terminal, Payment Terminal and Online Invoicing!

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