Wonder App:
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Onboard and register your businesses 100% digitally via the Wonder App, and immediately start collecting payments and pay for transactions.

Core product features

Offline Payment

Online Payment

Virtual Account

Foreign Exchange

Pay Out

Transaction Management

Personalised Card

Multi-Party Access

Data Analytics

The most powerful payments solution


Manage Your Business All From One Place

  • Virtual account for pay-in and payout.
  • Multi-currency and foreign exchange account.
  • Transaction overview breakdown.


Personalised Card For Business Spending

  • Directly link to virtual account.
  • Issue multiple cards under one virtual account.
  • Add associates and manage card library.


Multiple Methods Of Getting Paid

  • Collect payments via paystation link.
  • Accept payments anywhere right on your phone.
  • Create online payment link and send to anyone.


Payout To Anyone You Want

  • Payout to staff and suppliers from anywhere.
  • Payout management system for approval.
  • Register and manage payee contacts.


Track And Manage Your Transactions

  • View complete payment gateway history.
  • Breakdown card transactions in detail.
  • Track historical account balances.

Priority in business security

PCI Level 1

Full end-to-end encryption. Credit card data is encrypted at point of sales and remains encrypted until it reaches PCI Level 1 Gateway and PCI DSS Level 1 Gateway.


EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) card processing leverages fraud-reducing technology to enable secure and seamless card-based transactions.

Visa PayWave

Visa PayWave enables contactless payments made by Visa card or devices through radio frequency or NFC technology.

Mastercard Paypass

Mastercard Paypass allows fast and simple payments with a simple tap of card, phone or other payment devices through NFC technology.


UnionPay accepted terminal is certified to accept UnionPay IC card for transactions.

3DS Secure

Online payment is secured with extra level of authentication. Merchants can now provide a reliable and robust digital experience to their customers.

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