Wonder Dashboard:
The Ultimate Tool To Manage Your Business

Leverage the Wonder Dashboard from your desktop to level up the end-to-end management and analytics of your business.

Core product features

Data Analytics

Staff Management

Payout Management

Payment Gateway Reports

Account Management

Transaction Management

Settlement History

Invoice Management

Device Management

The most comprehensive business dashboard

Payment Gateway Reports

Breakdown all payment gateway related data

  • Get detail analytics reports with multiple categories.
  • Customised filter and analyse payment gateway data.
  • Make better business decisions by having full payment
    data visibility.

Transaction Management

View and analyse all historical transactions

  • Full breakdown of historical transactions.
  • Single out a particular transaction item for
    investigation if needed.
  • Manage a single or a group of transactions
    such as disputes and voidings.

Settlement History

Centralise all your payment settlements history

  • Streamline all internal and external accounting processes.
  • Track and review settlement lists.
  • Breakdown of batch settlement activities.

Invoice Management

Manage all supplier and staff invoices in one place

  • Issue and manage online invoices to supplier and staffs.
  • Submit invoices for review and approval.
  • Track status of invoices in real time.

Priority in business security

PCI Level 1

Full end-to-end encryption. Credit card data is encrypted at point of sales and remains encrypted until it reaches PCI Level 1 Gateway and PCI DSS Level 1 Gateway.


EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) card processing leverages fraud-reducing technology to enable secure and seamless card-based transactions.

Visa PayWave

Visa PayWave enables contactless payments made by Visa card or devices through radio frequency or NFC technology.

Mastercard Paypass

Mastercard Paypass allows fast and simple payments with a simple tap of card, phone or other payment devices through NFC technology.


UnionPay accepted terminal is certified to accept UnionPay IC card for transactions.

3DS Secure

Online payment is secured with extra level of authentication. Merchants can now provide a reliable and robust digital experience to their customers.

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