Wonder Taxi:
Fully Integrated Digital Payment Solution

Empower any Taxi drivers to start accepting digital payments and any Taxi riders to scan and pay for taxi fares.

Core product features

Fully Digital Driver KYC

Personal Account

Integrated Taxi Meter

Taxi Meter To Personal Account Connectivity

QR Code Enable Payments

Pre-Authorise Payments

How it works


Complete Taxi Driver e-KYC

Drivers can download the Wonder App and complete e-KYC process fully digitally with instant approval to open a personal account. Only documents required are HKID and Taxi License.

Book a Session to Install Wonder Taxi Meter

Drivers can contact customer support and book a session to install Wonder’s newest Taxi Meter that is fully connected to your personal account all free of charge.

Start Accepting Digital Payments

Drivers can place Wonder’s QR code stickers in the Taxi interior, which is automatically connected to the Taxi meter where riders can scan to pay. For Taxi drivers on shift, drivers can simply scan the taxi meter with Wonder App to login or logout.

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code with your own mobile device to access the payment link for your taxi trip. No mobile applications is required.

Select Payment Method

Select from 11 different digital payment methods where the taxi fare is automatically linked to the taxi meter.

Confirm Payment

Tap and confirm your payment. You may also pre-authorise the transaction in the beginning of the taxi trip with the exact steps.

Priority in business security

PCI Level 1

Full end-to-end encryption. Credit card data is encrypted at point of sales and remains encrypted until it reaches PCI Level 1 Gateway and PCI DSS Level 1 Gateway.


EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) card processing leverages fraud-reducing technology to enable secure and seamless card-based transactions.

Visa PayWave

Visa PayWave enables contactless payments made by Visa card or devices through radio frequency or NFC technology.

Mastercard Paypass

Mastercard Paypass allows fast and simple payments with a simple tap of card, phone or other payment devices through NFC technology.


UnionPay accepted terminal is certified to accept UnionPay IC card for transactions.

3DS Secure

Online payment is secured with extra level of authentication. Merchants can now provide a reliable and robust digital experience to their customers.

We are ready whenever you are.

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