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Hong Kong, April 9, 2024 – “Taxi Pay x Wonder” (aka “Taxi Pay”) is proud to be the first and only payment gateway company in Hong Kong approved by the HKSAR Transport Department for its smart taximeter with e-payments enabled.

Our digital payments platform revolutionises the taxi industry by directly integrating over 18 different local and international payment options with the smart taxi meter. As such, taxi passengers can conveniently choose to pay by scanning a QR code to pay on their mobile phone or by tapping their cards on the payment terminal, whereby the taxi fares are directly linked to the smart taximeter. For example, if the smart taximeter shows the taxi fares as HKD 100, the QR code dynamic link or the payment terminal will show exactly HKD 100, and then the passenger can choose to scan-to-pay or tap-to-pay and pay HKD 100 exactly indicated on the smart taximeter.

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T+0 Instant Settlement to Taxi Driver on The Same Day

Through our collaboration with ACORN, a prominent Asia Pacific private debt investor, Taxi Pay introduces instant settlement, enabling taxi drivers to access their earnings immediately after each trip. With this innovative feature, drivers can use their digital payments just like cash, eliminating days of waiting time for payment settlements. Say goodbye to settlement delays and hello to instant access of your earnings!

10% Off With UnionPay & 0% Handling Fee

In the coming 2 months, passengers using any form of UnionPay for payments will enjoy a 10% discount. This will apply to both Unionpay Card and UnionPay Wallet. Also, passengers using JCB, Visa, MasterCard, WeChat Pay, Discover, Diners and FPS will enjoy 0% handling fee in the upcoming 3 months.

Jason Ngan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wonder: “Delivering exceptional benefits to our passengers has always been our top priority at Wonder. Through these promotions, we aim to boost the adoption of digital payments and enhance the overall taxi experience for both local and international visitors or riders.”

Early Bird Offer - Free Smart Taximeter Installations for Taxi Owners

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In alignment with the increasing preference for digital payments in the taxi industry, particularly among international and Mainland Chinese travelers, we are pleased to announce an early bird offer for taxis, where any eligible taxi shall receive smart taximeter installation services completely free of charge.

As part of the free installation offer, Taxi Pay will provide taxi owners with an installation of the smart taximeter and a smart payment terminal, valued at HKD 5,800 and HKD 2,800 respectively. This attractive early bird offer is designed to taxi owners to enabled digital payments in their taxi, without any additional cost and without any hassle.

As of March 2024, we have successfully onboarded over 1,000 taxis onto Taxi Pay. As we continue to expand our market, we aim to onboard more than 8,000 taxis across the Urban areas, the New Territories, and the Islands District by the end of 2024. This expansion not only fosters the widespread adoption of digital payments within the taxi industry but also enhances Hong Kong's reputation as a global hub of innovation and as a forward-thinking international city.

Driver Assistant App

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Additionally, we are excited to introduce the Driver Assistant app, a comprehensive open platform designed to aggregate the orders starting from any e-hailing partners (e.g. Heycars, WeChat Pay Mini Program Operators, Alipay Mini Program Operators, 香港出行, 快點, AI Taxi, Jek, etc). Our mission is to enhance the efficiency and convenience for taxi drivers as we also manage their payments seamlessly. Features of the Driver Assistant app include:

Automatic order acceptance: The system automatically matches drivers with nearby orders based on GPS location, reducing empty trips and waiting time.

Manual order acceptance: Drivers can also manually select orders from a pool of available options, providing flexibility in managing their workload.

Digital payments: The Driver Assistant app supports multiple payment methods, allowing drivers to accept payments digitally through the smart taximeter and smart payment terminal. This feature ensures a secure and convenient payment process for both drivers and passengers.

With the Driver Assistant app, taxi drivers can optimize their earnings and provide a better user experience to passengers, which contributes to the overall improvement of the taxi industry in Hong Kong. Going forward, we remain committed to driving technological advancements within the transportation sector and make a difference.

Download Driver Assistant App: https://bit.ly/3TBSAFg

Upcoming Developments

Driver Assistant Integration with HKeToll: We are actively working on integrating the Driver Assistant app with HKeToll, Hong Kong's electronic toll collection system. This integration will streamline toll payments for taxi drivers, ensuring smoother journeys and reducing administrative burdens.

Driver Assistant 司機助理 as Open E-hail Platform as a Service: In line with the Hong Kong government's taxi fleet initiative, we are expanding the capabilities of the Driver Assistant app by enabling open integration with any e-hail platform (e.g. Heycars, WeChat Pay Mini Program Operators, Alipay Mini Program Operators, 香港出行, 快點, AI Taxi, Jek, etc). This initiative allows any taxi company or fleet to seamlessly integrate with our APIs, facilitating ePayment capabilities and enabling their drivers to receive orders across all integrated channels. Through open APIs provided for both driver platforms and payment integration, Taxi Pay is dedicated to fostering a more connected and efficient taxi ecosystem for the benefit of passengers and drivers alike.

Pilot e-Hail Apps to be launched soon - JEK & 香港出行: Upon releasing our APIs and make them available for integration, we are proud to announce the launch of our first 2 pilot e-hail platforms, JEK and 香港出行. Designed to provide a seamless and efficient booking experience, JEK and 香港出行 will connect passengers with available taxis in real-time, further enhancing the accessibility of our services.

Promotion on Card Schemes and eWallets for Passengers: We will continue to open our platform for collaboration and promotion with card schemes and payment e-wallets to promote the wider adoption of digital payments among passengers for taxis in Hong Kong.

Going forward, we encourage the community to stay tuned for more innovative developments and updates as we reshape the entire taxi industry in Hong Kong, and further enhance the city's reputation as a global leading innovative hub.

About Taxi Pay

"Taxi Pay x Wonder" (also known as "Taxi Pay") is a platform built by Wonder, dedicated to driving the digital transformation of the legacy Hong Kong taxi industry. It endeavors to uplift the traditional taxi experience by offering a secure and convenient payment solution for both drivers and passengers. As of March 2024, Taxi Pay has successfully onboarded over 1,000 taxis in Hong Kong, marking a significant step forward in modernizing Hong Kong’s taxi services.

About Wonder

Wonder is a leading payments gateway and FinTech platform for merchants in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific, enabling any merchant to get paid effortlessly. As of March 2024, Wonder has already served over 10,000 merchants and facilitated over USD 10 Billion in digital payments transactions.

Currently, Wonder is Hong Kong’s first fully digital all-in-one payments gateway platform where any merchant can self-KYC online in minutes, open an account, collect payments and manage transactions all from a single mobile app. Core products include the Wonder App (Mobile App), Wonder Smart Terminal (O2O Payments), Wonder Card (Custom Card) and Wonder Dashboard (Desktop Dashboard). For selected merchants, Wonder also offers instant payments settlement (T+0), also one of the first in Hong Kong. As of today, Wonder is growing exponentially month-on-month and is well-positioned to become the no.1 payments gateway platform in Hong Kong.